Cross Phase Training Courses

Parental Engagement – developing learning partnerships

Who is this course suitable for?

Head Teachers, Key Stage Leaders, SLT, Governors


We know that children’s achievement at school is directly influenced by their parents/carers confidence, understanding and involvement in their education.  This course has therefore been used to guide school improvement initiatives that seek to establish meaningful partnerships with parents.  We will look at your current provsion and address key questions:

  • What form of engagement between parents/carers and schools has the greatest impact in terms of raising achievement?
  • What should teacher involvement look like when schools initiate an agenda to engage parents?
  • To what extent should parents/carers understand teaching in the way that schools do?
  • Where does the child fit in to the school’s engagement with parents/carers?
  • How will we know that all the effort is worth it in terms of raising achievement and aspirations?


  • you will consider the evidence that promotes the need for parental engagement and its potentila for raising achievement
  • you will be presented with a range of practical suggestions and models of successful engagement that may be adapted to meet the needs of your community
  • you will audit current provision and use discussion and reflection to develop an action plan for project development

“I will go away and use these materials with all my staff – to engage whole staff support and motivation.  I will take forward and adapt the Building Blocks idea”

“I really appreciated the ideas for building non reading/writing/maths opportunities for parents to engage”

“A very motivating course”

“I really enjoyed hearingabout  different experiences and practical examples of engaging and will take a lot of ideas away from this course”


Embracing Change

Life is not about surviving the storm
… but about dancing in the rain

Who is this course suitable for?

All school staff


With so many of us facing challenges at work and at home it can seem that yet more change will overwhelm us. This two-hour course introduces staff to how we may look differently at change and learn to understand and control our thoughts about it, rather than let our thoughts control our actions.


  • you will understand how change can affect you and others and how your appreciation of this can help you deal with challenging situations.
  • you will practise different skills from a resilience toolkit that will help you to look differently at situations

This is a two hour workshop that may be delivered in an afternoon or as a twilight session.

“So useful to find positives in difficult situations”

“I learnt that you can’t change the trigger and initial reaction, but you can change how you respond”

“It’s good to think!”

“A great reminder that positive thinking can result in a positive response”


‘Eat that Frog!’

Who is this course suitable for?

All school staff


This course enables us to look at how we approach our work and identify  what consumes most of our energy.  We are then able to begin the process of  prioritising in order to establish more effective time management.  The main themes are:

  • Different ways of looking, seeing and being.
  • Quit, moan or act?
  • Eat that frog.
  • Where do I start? -80/20, Prioritizing
  • Take control


  • All will be challenged to recognise that it’s possible to look at things differently and how this can increase our resilience
  • All will explore how the way we speak about things can have a significant impact upon our emotions and behaviour.  All will be challenged to use ‘above the line’ thinking and speaking.
  • All participants will have identified  activities/tasks that they need to complete and begin to prioritise them using the urgent/important matrix

“A good model for everyone to embrace”

“Enjoyed prioritising lists – recognising that not everything is urgent”

“I found the urgent/important comparison useful when prioritising and the motivation to ‘Eat that Frog!’”


‘Balancing and Butterflies’

Who is this course for?

All teaching staff


This course really encourages us to recognise and celebrate what we do in a way that supports us with the many demands we face as teachers.  Through practical activities it helps us to identify the areas where we feel in control, and can therefore support others, but also those areas where we feel we need more support.  Key themes are:

  • This is me
  • Celebrating my strengths
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Wheel of Life
  • Emotional Zones
  • Butterflies


  • All will have identified their own strengths and those of others
  • All will gain an understanding about the value an Appreciative Inquiry approach can have in building resilience and encouraging us to adopt a solution focused response to different challenges.
  • All participants will begin to identify aspects of their lives  (personal/work) that cause them concern and set goals towards improving them
  • All will plot different emotions on a matrix and identify how we can manage our emotions by identifying what influences them

” I was made comfortable knowing that we did not need to share information if we didn’t wish to”

“This was good for staff development”

” It was great to recognise where we need support but also to know where we are strong”


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  • "Building Blocks has had a huge impact in enabling the smooth transition of our Reception children and parents"
  • Quality in Study Support
  • young pupil and teacher
  • teenage boy