Primary Training Courses

Building Resilience, Supporting Transition

Who is this for?

Pupils in Y6.  This is an extremely valuable 18 week programme offered to Y6 pupils and stretches across their final year at Primary School.  It begins in the Autumn Term and concludes with final sessions in June.  The class teacher must be present for all sessions in order to ensure that the pupils’ learning becomes embedded in classroom practice.


We are able to offer an 18 week Penn Resilience Programme (PRP) for Y6 pupils.  This is a highly effective, evidence-based programme. The PRP challenges common assumptions about resilience. That is that resilience is about muddling through, gritting your teeth, keeping going regardless or turning a negative situation into a positive and just hoping that everything will be ok.

The PRP is about accurate and flexible thinking. Recognising that sometimes life is tough, but that you can learn skills to deal with life’s ups and down and more importantly you can learn from difficult situations to be able to problem solve, keep things in perspective and enhance your optimism, achievement and confidence in and out of school.  This programme has been highly effective with pupils in Y6 and since the workshops are spread across the academic year it enables the children to assimilate and  build upon their learning.

All pupils keep a journal to record their learning and were keen to share some of these with you, as you can see on the left of this page.

Each session lasts 80 minutes.

The delivery cost is £2000 for the 18 sessions.

All photocopying needs to be met by the school.

This is what a Head Teacher has said:

“Our Year 6 pupils participated in the Resilience Programme with Annie in 2011-12. They looked forward enormously to their weekly sessions and were fully engaged. The programme enabled them to explore a range of issues and dilemmas which will face them in the future. They were given really practical strategies for thinking through situations and finding ways to deal with them effectively. There were many instances where it was obvious from the way the children spoke in other contexts that they were using the knowledge they had gained. I was leading a drama club and talked to the children about ‘making assumptions’ and they immediately linked this to the work they had done with Annie. I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending this programme as it has had a very positive impact on our pupils and we have already booked for next year”.  


This is what teachers have said about the programme:

“Annie led each session with compassion and enthusiasm.  She adapted where necessary and always dealt with issues thoroughly and sensitively.  As a result of this programme my pupils have strategies to use in difficult situations and have a better understanding of their feelings and consequent behaviour.

I thoroughly recommend this programme. It is important for the class teacher to get involved and to be part of the process in order to integrate practice into everyday school life”   

This is what some of the children have said: 

“It helps when you use the skills in relationships with friends.  For example, when  I fell out with my friend we were able to talk it through and we made up”   Fahima

“Mrs New has helped me to share and express my feelings.  When I fell out with my friend Rhys, I was able to talk about how I felt and it helped me deal with my problem and then I was able to talk about it with Rhys”   William

“Mrs New has helped to challenge my inside thoughts and it’s easier now not to worry about stuff”   Amadou

“Before Mrs New came to our class I didn’t know how to react and deal with family or school problems but now I have been in her classes I know how to deal with problems and am so much happier when I go to school and when I am at home. Thank you Mrs New!”   Noor

“I remember when my brother moved out of the house and I was really upset.  I didn’t know how to cope with it and Mrs New helped me feel better about it”   Reece


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