Quality in Study Support

We are a Professional Member of the Christ Church Canterbury University Quality in Study Support (QiSS) programme.  As such, we are able to offer training and critical friendship to enable schools and other organisations to evaluate and measure the impact of the extended learning opportunities they provide.

We work in association with Difference LTD enabling us to work with a number of schools at the same time thus increasing the opportunity to learn from each other and the sharing of good practice.


So what’s QiSS all about?

Quality in Study Support and Extended Services (QISS) is a national organisation which is part of the Faculty of Education at Canterbury Christ Church University. Over the last decade QiSS has worked in partnership with the DfE and local authorities. QiSS has a national reputation for excellence in both the application of knowledge and creating practical solutions for education providers in the areas of Study Support, Extended Services, professional development and learning activities outside normal lesson time.

QiSS provides a number of tools for quality development including nationally recognised quality assurance marks for Study Support and Extended Service provision which enhances school improvement. QiSS has developed two nationally used quality assurance frameworks for Study Support and Extended Services and provides a range of continuous professional development opportunities. These tools are available to a range of education providers including Academies, Primary, Secondary, Independent, Free and Supplementary schools, sports and performing arts centres, libraries, museums and private education organisations.

Here is a link to the new QiSS Extended Learning Opportunity Framework released in September 2011.

Achievement of these quality marks demonstrates excellence in a variety of areas including raising attainment and achievement, engaging learners with a variety of needs and significantly improving behaviour and attendance.

Here is what one Headteacher has said following our Critical Friendship:

“Many provocative questions have been asked which have really made us look at what we are doing.  For example, getting us to acknowledge that it is not enough to be a school that provides a huge range of extra-curricular activities but the importance of measuring the impact of these activities on children, such as improved self esteem which leads to more productive learning”

March 2013

QiSS-Photo-March-2013In March Annie New, Professional Member of QiSS and Associate of Difference Ltd, attended the annual conference for Active Creative where she presented them with their Quality in Study Support Emerged certificate.  She made a brief presentation about the QiSS journey undertaken  by the company and the learning opportunities it provided in terms of self-evaluation and development targets. She is pictured here with company Director Lorry Edwards and Helen Thomas.  There was time too to discuss the benefits of engagement with QiSS with franchisees who work across the South East of England and Wales.

Comment made by Lory Edwards:

The QiSS journey was well worth embarking on.

To evaluate the contribution our company actually makes to children’s learning within the QiSS framework was at times a labour of love.  It was a process which, with Annie New’s guidance as our critical friend, has strengthened our planning tools, lesson content, delivery and evaluation procedures, throughout the Active Creative Ltd brand range.

 We are passionate about Dance, PE, Music and Action activities we continually strive to be the best we can possibly be, to be THE specialist provider of choice in schools.

Embarking on QiSS with Annie, encouraging and supporting us, as we paused and reflected upon our impact on learning and then assisting us as we addressed areas we could improve upon and celebrated what we do well, has been a great opportunity and given us the confidence to be proud of our contribution to extended learning opportunities.




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